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OPT SHR laser beauty machine

Short Description:

  • Model Number: IPLas
  • Laser Type: None Laser
  • Style: Vertical
  • Feature: Wrinkle removal, skin whitening, hair removal etc.
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty and lifetime technical support
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    This is our SHR IPL therapy equipment, it has been selling well in European and American markets for many years with all required certifications, such as CE, MEDICAL CE and FDA.

    After hemoglobin selectively absorbs light energy, it causes the blood to heat up, form a thrombus, and close the dilated blood vessels. The blood cannot pass through the diseased blood vessels, causing it to atrophy due to lack of nutrition, and finally metabolized bu the body’s metabolism to achieve the purpose of treating capillary dilation. Because there is less hemoglobin in the undilated capillaries and less light energy absorption, it is not affected.


    Handles and cooling system

    We use two high-power, hand-hold, computer-controlled handpieces to deliver intense, visible light. In order to prevent uncomfortable feelings caused by photo-thermal,we build the outlet window of light with specialized material called "Sapphire crystal"to cool down the temperature and make sure the customer feel comfortable during the treatment,and there is another cooling system in the main body which combines with the air and water cooling system to provide continuous temperature control.



    System with self inspection before treatment, make sure the safety of the operation.
    Modular structure make the electronic way and water way separated, which is convenient for maintain.
    Smart exposed water tank, with slide rail and easy lock, very convenient for customer to fill and change the water, don’t need pipe and funnel anymore.
    Cambridge University Technique & Germany imported Xenon lamp, extend the service life of machine.
    Japan imported ShinEtsu nano thermal grease make the cooling system with good condition, well protect the Xenon lamp and extend the service life of machine.
    US imported LZDE resin, effectively remove ions in water, well protect the water way of machine.

    Name IPLAS
    Wavelength 610nm-960nm & 530nm-960nm
    Mode Fast / traditional / Painless
    OPT spot size 8*40mm, 10*50mm
    Power 2000W
    OPT frequeny 1 - 40HZ
    Energy output 10-130J/cm2
    Pulse duration 0.1ms-9.9ms
    Safety control water flow, temperature alarm, electricity monitor
    Dimension 450L)*410W*1140H)mm
    Weight 40kg



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